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A confident smile has a profound effect on the world around you. The fact is, your appearance directly impacts people's perception of you, and more importantly, how you make them feel when you smile. LIFESMILE CLUB is on a quest to make the world a better place ONE SMILE AT A TIME and we couldn't be happier to welcome you to the club! Our product is scientifically designed to be effective, affordable and easy to use. You will be able to enhance your appearance in approximately 7 days.

Our specialized formulated whitening gel and blue/red LED light mouthpiece is designed to give you a remarkably whiter and healthier looking smile in just one week, and allows you to keep it that way with regular treatments in the future as needed. So let's get started!

  • Julie's Transformation

    "I couldn't believe how easy this is to use. The gel was easy to put on my teeth, and the results are obvious. I love my new smile!"


  • Kristin's Transformation

    "I'm a coffee drinker and I struggle to keep my teeth white, but this makes it so easy to whiten on the go. This is my go-to anytime I need a whiten."


  • Kasey's Transformation

    "In just 2 days I can already see this much of a change. I'm actually surprised at how much of a difference I see. It's really nice that it is wireless and can be used anywhere."


A picture worth a thousand words...

The LIFESMILE CLUB at home teeth whitening kit includes everything you need for a whiter, more confident smile. Most customers see noticeable results after the first 15 minute treatment, achieving maximum results of up to 10 shades whiter by day 7. The secret is in the science. Our wireless mouthpiece features dual BLUE/RED LED LIGHT TECHNOLOGY scientifically designed to maximize the effectiveness of our proprietary Carbamide Peroxide (CP) and Hydrogen Peroxide(HP) formulation for fast, enamel-safe results with minimal sensitivity. Say goodbye to yellowing and stains forever because you're about to unlock the secret to a lifelong dazzling smile as the newest member of the LIFESMILE CLUB!

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